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Zackary Logan Witt was born Oct 29th at 5:55am 
after 3 hours of labor and delivery i gave birth
 to our third son a healthy baby boy who
 was by far my easiest birth between all  four of my
 children. Zack was also born face up  which 
 caused alot of bruising but  he never complained
much at all.Zack was born at 5:55 am but we had
a hard time finding a name that fit him just right.
After a dear friend came up with Zackary
and his daddy had came up with Logan
we put the two together and at 9pm that night
our special boy became Zackary Logan Witt a
name that suited him well.Zack came home with
mommy ,daddy and two older brothers that loved
him very much and everything seemed great.
Until May 21st 2002 when Zack went down for a
nap and never woke up this was the day that 
shattered our lives and changed them forever.
This was the day my special boy went to be with
the lord and got his angel wings and for me
was the day i wanted to die.It has been four 
years since our baby boy went to heaven and  
it is still a healing process each day.After
his passing i have grown so much as a person
and become a more spiritual person and i do
not take for granted time because we never
know how much time we have on this earth.
I have faith that i will one day hold my baby
boy again and see that wonderful smile until
then I hold on to the memories that we
shared.I know he is with our lord in heaven
and i will count the days till I get to see
him again. Zack we miss and love you so much
you will allways be my little boogie bear
(his mimi gave him that nickname)  



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Tributes and Condolences
So sorry   / Debbie Hoenstine
I am so sorry for your loss this touched me. Don't worry my daughter who I just lost in Jan. was 18 and she loved kids I am sure she is playing with him. I can't get over my daughter dieing and having a really hard time with it and seeing your little...  Continue >>
~Thinking Of You~   / Melissa Carlie Adams Grandma..
The Wings Of An Angel So Pure And So White, The Wings Of An Angel Holding You Tight, The Wings Of An Angel Caressing Your Skin,The Wings Of An Angel Keeping The Love Within. These Wings From An Angel Are My Gift To You, These Wings From An Angel...  Continue >>
Sending big hugs-n-kisses your way sweet baby....   / LuAnn (Johnna's Gramma )
I am so very sorry for your loss. It is just heartbreaking. My granddaughter Johnna was born sleeping in January so know somewhat of your pain and loneliness. My thoughts & prayers are sent you way as you continue thru this healing process. God b...  Continue >>
Thoughts and Prayers   / Dianne White~Mom Of Angel Nicholas (Someone who cares )
No matter the length of time of being a parent of an angel still carries it's pain. Please know we all care about you and your precious Zackary. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.Lots of Hugs,Dianne
just for you   / Lorraine Mummy To Angel Reece
some balloons for you and your angel freinds xxx
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His legacy
My son a angel  

Zack was our third son and was loved by  so many he was
here a short time and touched so many peoples lives and he lives in our hearts forever. He has two older brothers and a younger brother born just last year (2005) I see so much of him in his brothers and I know hes apart of them in so many ways. He was here for such a short time but left a impact on our lives that will never be the same without him. I know one day we will hold him again so until theni treasure all the memories we have of him and wait till the day I can one day rock my baby again. Zack youwere and are such a big part of our lives and we miss you so very much and wait to meet you again in heaven. You will allways be our little boogie bear   and I know you are smiling down from heaven on us each and everyday.
       Love mommy,daddy,dylan,jacob,and grayson

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